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Réécriture de "The Russians" de Sting


[Verse 1]
People of New Caledonia
There is a growing hope of living together
although we’re different by colour and race
one love of people and land united difference
leaders must work for our common good
because I believe in a better world

How great and wonderful it would be
if only we all dared shake hands too

[Verse 2]
people stand up for your Freedom
wake up and look all around you
Life would be simpler if we all stood together

And love should be the only thing to share

[Chorus ]
let’s head for the same direction
cuddle is better for you and me
love should always win in our lives

As happiness is the only way

[Verse 3]
We all share the same love for our island
Peoples of the Earth let’s stand together
no more fighting no more killing just love
we share the same blood and believe in love
what else do we need if we’ve got it all
let’s forget the lies and false promises

A cry to live in harmony
I hope we all love our country too !

[Chorus ]

Folaumoeiki Fakatika Bellais

Mise à jour : 25 décembre 2020

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